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MixTapeFM - Hip Hop & RnB Internet Radio

What is MixTapeFM? MixTapeFM is a PROMOTIONAL online radio station that exclusively plays Hip Hop & RnB music traditionally only heard on 'street mixtapes".


We play the Hottest EXCLUSIVES, REMIXES, and FREESTYLES. Our music rotation consist of hundreds of promotional mixtape tracks from commercial Hip Hop & RnB artist, who are already established in the industry, as well as indie artist who are on the cusp of making it big. It's definitely NOT the same 18 songs in a row. This is the type of music commercial radio stations wouldn't dare play. Its is explicit and unedited...RAW music from the streets, for the streets. Our philosophy is simple. We play what they won't!


To recommend Hot New mixtape music, or submit your own exclusives "WITH A STAR FEATURE" please visit: www.MixTapeFM.com or send links to: submit@MixTapeFM.com or @MixTapeFM on Twitter.


Now, sit back and enjoy the hottest MixTape music from today's top Hip Hop & RnB stars.


Thank You for Listening,
General Manager, MixTapeFM.com